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Buffalo Data Recovery


I recently bought a brand-new Buffalo Linkstation Pro with 500GB of memory. It is a NAS which also has a pair of USB ports to allow external hard drives to be connected. At the same time as I bought the Linkstation, I also bought a pair of Buffalo external hard drives. I linked them both up to the USB ports, and tried to run them. However, my computer can only see one of the external drives. I have tried swapping the USB connections around, but it seems clear that only one is visible at a time. As the NAS is brand new, I rang tech support, and they advised me that it was the hard drives. In order to work out which case it was, I put the disks into a different case. In this configuration, both of the disks worked fine. I also tried each of the external cases, connected to an XP laptop, and could see both of the cases. This has confused me a great deal. I made the mistake and formatted the disks, got both recognised by Windows, put them back to the Linkstation, and again they were not recognised. I am now in the situation that I have no data and a non working Linkstation.


I am working with a Buffalo Linkstation NAS system. Recently, it disappeared. There were no problems up to this point, and then it just vanished and I can no longer find it on any connection. I can send a ping to it, and get a response, and when I go onto Windows Network, I can see the device, and even get onto the admin page. The problem is that when I try and link to the drive, to extract data or do back-ups, I cannot access it. The computer flashes up an error which tells me that my administrator doesn’t have the correct permissions. When I put the IP address into the box, in order to look at the drive, the computer gives me an error saying that the address could not be found. I recently updated a lot of the PC, including anti-virus and spam blockers, and was wondering if my recent problems with the device were the result of this. Please help me.