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Resolve Issues With Your D-Link Network Attached Storage


I am using the D-Link ShareCenter 2000, and finding that there are a number of problems with the device, one of which is really important to me, and that I need help solving. I bought this device because I wanted something to store data in that would allow me remote access. I work from home, but often have to travel in to consult with businesses. This means that sometimes I have information at home that I would like to see on the screen when I am working away. This is where the problem lies, because I cannot recover data from the device using my phone or even a remote Wireless computer. The MyDLink website app which is installed on both the phone and the wireless laptop computer dies not work. I have been connected for nearly 2 months, but there is still no response from my StorageCenter. Unless someone can work out a way for me to access the files remotely, I have basically bought a heap of junk.


I am using a D-Link DNS 321 which is basically killing all of my drives, it is a Raid 1 system with 2 disks. I have installed two new hard drives in this system in the last two weeks, and both times it has destroyed them within a matter of hours and won’t allow me to access the data. The drives themselves were freshly bought, not recycled, and came from different makers. Looking at the drives closely, I can see a lot of burning, and in fact one of them smelled of burning while I was removing it. I think somehow the circuit boards have been burned. Since I noticed the burning on the first one, I changed the PSU, and changed the surge protector too, so there was little chance of it being a burn from the power cord. There is no comment from the device which the drive fails, it simply starts burning, and then the drive is no longer available to read. I had a lot of data saved on the initial drive, which was lost in a similar manner, causing me to replace it with the new models.