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Iomega Data Recovery Services


I am using a split-drive Iomega external hard drive with two 500gb of memory. After a sudden loss of power, the unit will no longer allow be to gain access. A review of the system told me that the drives are both OK, and either of them have a bad sector. However, after putting them information on the drives onto another file, and attempting recovery, I found out that at least one of the drives is faulty. By reconstructing the drives, the computer allows me to view the folders, and at least look at the data. However, it is telling me that at least most of the files are corrupted. I have tried to recover the files, but this has lead the machine to demand that I reformat the drives. I am uncertain whether the fault is caused by a problem with configuration, or if the data is really, truly corrupt as a result of the power failure. The only thing I am certain of is that one of the drives has been labelled as corrupt, and this appears to be corrupting everything else.


I have been given a 1TB Iomega eGo external hard drive by a friend, with several problems. The problems began after an attempt to copy a large amount of photographs from the hard drive, putting them onto a Windows PC. The copying process began as usual, but quickly became ‘stuck’, so that the progress bar did not move at all for around 4 hours. Eventually, she cancelled the process, and turned the drive off, unplugging it completely. Until that point, it had been a fairly standard event, but when she plugged the drive back into the PC, she received a message asking her to format the disk. The drive now asks to be formatted whenever it is plugged into any PC, so there is clearly a problem with the Iomega hard drive. A scan with CHKDSK showed several errors, but I realised that the information could be lost, so stopped the process. Other checks have also been very slow, and have not helped with the problem.