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LaCie Data Recovery


I have been using a Lacie Poulton hard drive which recently was infected with a rootkit. I had to clean this up virtually manually, because it was everywhere, and I think that it has affected the Lacie drives. It started out by reporting that the MBR is unknown, and this message remains. The Lacie was the reliable drive, and even though there have been other problems with my computer, including a faulty power cable which shorted out everything, I have always been able to get this drive running. As such, it has become a favourite of mine, and I want to keep it that way. I have never noticed whether the unknown MBR has been a regular feature of the device, or if there have been other problems connected to it before that I did not see. I am worried that I might have lost this drive for good, and I really don’t want to lose it.


Hello. I need some help with a Lacie enclosure external hard drive, where the disk inside is delivering error messages. What is happening that the disk is telling me that I need to backup, then says that I have to replace the drive. I have tried to copy the drive, but although it has managed to read 3.2gb, it told me that there would be 100 hours to completion. I decided that this was going to take too long, so I attempted to create an image of the drive. Again, I struggled to do more than take an image of the first 3.2gb. Then I tried to copy the rest of the drive, with the result that it copied the space between 10gb and 987gb. There is nearly 7gb of files not imaged, and when I attempt to create an image of that area, I get a message saying ‘error’. I don’t know what is going on in that drive, but I need to recover the data from it, and hopefully get another image which saves the rest of the files.