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Netgear Data Recovery


I purchased the Netgear Readynas Ultra hoping that I could use it as a storage device for my computer and home office. I have set it up and used it without problems until recently, when it started to lose connection, and then reboot, often without me touching it. I would hear it rebooting from the other side of the room. This week, when it lost connection, the rebooting did not happen, and instead, the blue light on the front of the screen just kept blinking. I was not in the middle of saving anything, or doing an update, but the Readynas appears to have vanished from my computer networks. I tried to create a new name for the device, and give it a drive letter, but this does not seem to have worked. The RAID utility will not recognise the device, so I am not able to open it up and recover the files which are stored in there. I am not very technical, and so don’t know what to do next for the best. I am concerned that if I keep rebooting it, I may lose the data in the drive.


I am currently using a Netgear Readynas Pro, which has 3 disks running RAID. Until recently, this all worked very well, and I was using it to store a mass of data. Recently, however, there has been a problem with at least two of the disks. The first problem I noticed was last week, when disk 3 suddenly died on me. It is completely inaccessible, the computer refuses to read it, and I cannot get it to even spin around in the enclosure when I click on it. I naturally ran a recovery program, and this is when I discovered that there was another problem, as the software is reporting that there are several thousand ‘bad sectors’. Since running the software I have had trouble opening and closing the contents of the disk. I have been storing a lot of work on these disks as backup, and I really need to recover the files and folders contained there.