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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Hard Drive Recovery

Software Fault £249

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Mechanical Fault £349

2-3 Days

Critical Service £795

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Hard Disk Issues We Commonly Encounter:

Here at birmingham data recovery we are often asked to help recover the data from hard drives that have failed for a variety of reasons. These reasons can vary from hardware problems to software problems, to a combination of both, or simply just because the hard drive is old and has been no longer able to sustain itself against the rigours of general wear and tear. Whatever the reason for your hard drive’s failure we are on hand to help recover your data and make the transition from old hard drive to new as painless as possible. Email or telephone us to find out how our team of experts can help you recover your business or personal data.

Hard Disk Mechanical Problems We See Daily:

Hard drive mechanics are intricate and complex pieces of equipment that operate at high speeds in confined spaces and sometimes for long periods of time without any down time. To this end problems can occur if the components that go together to make up the hard drive malfunction either separately or as sometimes happens altogether. Read/Write heads are often one of the most common parts of the hard drive to fail along with the actuator arm that has less density than a human hair. This slight piece of equipment is responsible for moving the Read/Write heads across the platters in time to record and access the data that you, the user, have already saved.

Hard Disk with Deleted Files, Failed Initialisations and Bad Sectors:

None of us are without the ability to make a mistake and with this in mind we here at birmingham data recovery are often asked to help recover data that has been mistakenly deleted or lost because a hard drive has been formatted in error. It is something that is easy to do; simply pressing the mouse button over the wrong tab or saying yes to the wrong instruction and the data can be lost, at least for the time being. But with our experts working in conjunction with the latest technology we can help recover the data even if the hard drive it was on has not been used for some time. We are also able to help recover data from hard drives that have failed because of problems booting or initialising or that have suffered the corruption of boot files because of bad sectors.

Hard Disk Electronic Failure:

It is hard to believe that something as simple as a power surge can render your computer useless but it can. The introduction of a high level of current without a surge protection unit to prevent it can leave your computer exposed to problems and we are often called upon to help clients – new and old – recover their data from hard drives that have been damaged by an electrical surge.

Hard Disk Firmware Disparities:

For many computer users firmware is an unknown quantity in that it is there but they have no involvement with it. As a general rule Firmware is something that you should not have much to do with but if the program corrupts or if the firmware is out of date then it may be necessary to try and update it. To this end however not all firmware updates work so we at birmingham data recovery are regularly called upon to help recover data from hard drives that are no longer functioning correctly because of firmware issues.

Hard Disk And Operating Systems Conflicting To Cause Disk Read/Write Complications:

The operating on your computer whether it be Windows of Mac OS is designed to work with your hard drive as opposed to against it. This is very much the case in that the operating system itself is contained on the hard drive so any failure on the hard drive can have a detrimental effect as to how the operating system functions. Operating systems can become unstable as a result of what are known as ‘Logical Errors’; these are corruptions to files that are important to the operating system when it comes to functioning with the hard drive and the other components of the computer. Conflicts between the two are something we are often asked to deal with and our experts are often tasked with the job of recovering data from hard drives that no longer work in tandem with the operating system.

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