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Questions Regarding Hitachi Hard Drive Recovery

Hitachi Touro Mobile 1.5TB
The 1.5TB Touro Mobile from Hitachi that we ordered a month ago arrived and was installed. We backed up everything from our computer and then got the local pc company to reinstall a fresh operating system onto the computer as it was running very very slow. After we got the reinstalled pc back we copied the data we backed up onto the Hitachi Touro drive but all the data was corrupted. We cannot open any of the files. Is it possible to get the data recovered from the corrupted Hitachi drive or from the reinstalled computer?

Hitachi Touro Desk Pro, 4TB
For the first time I used my 4TB Touro Desk Pro, I was transferring a total of 500GB of photos, videos and other data from my other hard drive. So at the time, the set up was my laptop was connected to 2 hard drives and my file transfer was being from one hard drive, directly to another. I decided to not make a Control A + Control C + Control V type of operation and decided to do it by folder. Transferring of the photo folder seemed flawless. Then when I started transferring some video files, the Desk Pro made some very small noises, more like a beep than a clicking sound. And then it just went dead. It wouldn’t light up, it wouldn’t get detected and it wouldn’t do anything at all – no sounds, no beeping, no clicking. It’s just a blank dead thing. Can the data be recovered?