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Questions Regarding Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery

Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 300GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive U01H300
I am currently taking the blame for damaging a hard drive, which I didn’t do. I borrowed my sister’s Maxtor external hard drive for the weekend to copy some files from my other computer. I used it on Saturday night and I was perfectly okay. I fell asleep while transferring files so I unintentionally left it overnight on my computer. When I woke up on Sunday morning, I noticed that the green light was still on and the transfer was finished so I decided to turn off my computer. After several hours, I decided to open my computer again just to be sure that the files were transferred. When I opened it, I heard the disk inside the hard drive spin then after a few minutes I heard some clicking sounds. Afterwards, there was utter silence. I checked on my computer and I can no longer see the hard drive.

Maxtor external HDD to convert to internal HDD
My Maxtor external HDD has not been functioning right recently. It isn’t recognised on my computer and I think the cause is its main board. When I plug the HDD on my computer, I hear the sound of a disk spinning for a while then stops. The green light on the hard drive is on so I am sure that it turns on when I plug it. However, it cannot be seen on My Computer or Disk Management. Before, I found out that moving the cable and port for a while fixes the problem for a few seconds and then it loses connection. I believe this connection causes the problem. The HDD uses what looks like to be a 27-pin connector and it seems it is a SATA connection.