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Questions Regarding Samsung Hard Drive Recovery

Samsung SATA Hard Drive and SSD
I own a Gigabyte X79-UP4 F4 machine and I am having an issue with it recently. Turning it on, I cannot find my Samsung SATA hard drive and even the SSD. When I checked BIOS, I can see the hard drive and the SSD but I cannot install Windows properly since the hard drive is not showing up on the installation window. To test if the hard drive is faulty, I put it in another computer but it worked on that one. So what I did is install the Windows 7 OS on this computer where the hard drive is working but whenever I attempt to do so, all I get is the BSOD. Even when I choose the repair option, I get the BSOD too. My machine has an Intel Core i7 4820k Ivy Bridge CPU, Samsung 840Pro SSD, Samsung SATA hard drive, G. Skill 2133 RAM 8GB x2, and GTX 760 video card.

Samsung HXMU050DA Hard Drive
I have one Samsung HXMU050DA Portable Hard Drive whose port, I think, I carelessly broke. I was in a rush that day so I threw it in a bag with the USB cable still plugged with the hard drive. A piece inside it broke because now when I use it, it tends to sink into the enclosure and the cable barely gets linked. On the computer, the hard drive is not read so I guess this means that there is no connection between the PC and the HDD. I popped into a nearby computer store but they were hesitant to open up the device since they have never worked on one before. Just like me, they are also worried of creating more harm than good. The main problem is we don’t know the construction of the hard drive so we don’t know the proper way to open it without causing harm to the contents inside and they recommended yourselves as experts in the data recovery field.