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Questions Regarding WD Hard Drive Recovery

Western Digital My Passport 2 TB, External
I was out of the country for a month due to work and since then, I haven’t used my Western Digital My Passport 2 TB. Before I left, the hard drive was working well as I was still able to back up some files from my work laptop. I brought the laptop with me and since it has enough free space, I didn’t bother bringing the external hard drive. When I got back, I plugged the hard drive on my laptop to get some work files but it was not detected. I rebooted my laptop and tried it again but I wasn’t detected again. An error saying that the USB device is not recognised keeps showing, which I find unusual since I was able to use it the last time. I have tons of important documents stored in this hard drive and it will really be a bummer to lose them. I don’t have other backup storages so I need to get this fixed and I need it done soon.

Western Digital My Passport Ultra 500GB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive
I was copying some photos from my computer to my Western Digital My Passport Ultra 500GB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive when the copying suddenly stopped. I shut down the computer and tried to restart it. After rebooting, the windows explorer showed that the external hard drive as a new drive and I cannot access the files. The computer also shows the small bar that indicates the space used and how much is still available. If I try to open the folder structure on the hard drive it sometimes comes up with “Wrong parameter…” or “H: is not a accessible. The device is not ready.” In some instances, I can even see some folders on the hard drive but all of them are empty even if there should be over 400GB of data there. I tried the usual fixes – restart the computer, unplug the hard drive, change USB ports – but nothing changed.