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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from laptops. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Laptop Hard Drives & Other Onboard Device Disruption:

There are a variety of reasons as to why a computer’s hard drive may fail. From the outside chance of a knock against the machine as someone walks by, through to spilling liquid on it or simply because of wear and tear, and component fatigue. More often than not the reasons for a hard drive failure is the hardware within the device, or sometimes the software – known as firmware – that controls it. Whatever the reason for the sudden and complete malfunction of your hard drive, we here at birmingham data recovery, can help you recover your data and may also be able to help you repair your drive.

Laptop Hard Drive Read/Write Head Instability:

The Read/Write head of your laptop’s hard drive is the reason why the data you save manages to be written to the ceramic or glass platters than spin inside the drive. Each of the platters, separated by a thin cushion of air, allows for the passing of the Read/Write head without it touching the platters as they spin. However, sometimes if there has been extraneous force applied to the laptop this can cause the Read/Write head to leave its projected axis and collide with the platters; this not only renders them unable to spin but also means that any data already saved to them cannot be accessed by conventional means. We at birmingham data recovery offer our clients – new and old – the opportunity to recover the data using our up-to-date technology and a decade and a half’s experience. We can recover your data to the medium of your choice.

Laptop Hard Drive Data Integrity Field Corruption:

The Data Integrity Field is something that many computer users have probably never heard of and this is not surprising. The DIF as it is known is the addition of a meagre 8bytes of data which when reading and writing to various data storage devices allows for overflow. Although this is not something that would have no direct bearing to the computer user and their experience using a computer; damage to the DIF via damage to the platters on the hard drive may cause untold damage and completely stop the drive from spinning. To this end something so minuscule can have a deep seated impact on how a hard drive operates.

Laptop Hard Drive Firmware Update Utility Failure:

When you buy a laptop it is taken as a given that the hardware that is contained inside it is up to date and running to the best of its ability. This is generally the case but in some instances the firmware that oversees how devices react together can become either corrupt or out of date depending on the nature of the device. Not all manufacturers offer upgrades should their firmware become obsolete, instead opting for the introduction of new technology; however it is not always the case that new technology can be installed especially in the case of a laptop where everything is compact and already cased together. To this end trying a firmware upgrade can cause further problems and result in an inability to access your hard drive so if you have been experiencing hard drive difficulties as a result of faulty or corrupt firmware we here at birmingham data recovery can help you recover your data and in some instances possibly help with your firmware issues.

Laptop Hard Drive Seek Time & Data Transfer Rate Compromised:

If you have been using your laptop and found that the speed at which the drive responds to your requests to open, save or close files has deteriorated then you might have problems with drive seek times. The seek time is the time a hard drive takes to locate a file on its sectors as governed by the firmware that has been written onto it at the factory build stage. Seek times and transfer rates can be compromised by bad sectors or clusters that may have been caused by the corruption of system files or simply by persistent deleting and removal of files over and over again. Also running defragmentation programs can cause problems with seek times as files are moved from varying parts of the hard drive to try and create uniformity but can lead to the loss of path and root directories.

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