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Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data


I am using an ASUS K55A laptop which will not fire up at all. I have had this problem previously, and last time managed to get it working through a combination of patience and sheer luck. This time, however, I have not been so successful, and things have not been going as well for me. What happens is that the laptop seems to slip into hibernation mode, even though I am sitting at the screen and watching it. I have absolutely no power at all, no lights on the power button, no sound. I have removed the power supply and the battery, and then tried a hard reset, which is what I had to do last time, but this time I have had no success. I have even turned it on using just a power source, and pressing the power button three times at regular intervals, which apparently works for some. I have not been successful.


I have an Asus G74SX laptop which is having trouble with an internal hard drive. One moment, it was there on the computer, the next it had gone for good. I have tried to open up Disk Management to see if it is there, but even that won’t recognise it. It has completely gone. It is not the first time that the hard drive had disappeared, and so I waited for a while for it to come back, but this time nothing has happened. The only problem is that I was copying a load of Word files from the hard drive to an external flash drive. It was about 30% done, and suddenly stopped, saying the file could not be found. I realised that the hard drive was missing.