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Fujitsu Hard Drive Data Recovery


I recently had to have a Fujitsu Lifebook E7110 repaired, as it was infected by a strong virus. I took it to a repair shop, and the whole of the hard drive was completely wiped and reformatted. The repair shop also updated my Windows OS, and installed new drives. I had all of the data which I was using on the computer stored in a temporary USB drive. When I got the computer home, I installed the data back onto the OS, but to my horror all the data was corrupt.


I had to perform a system restore on my Fujitsu Lifebook S610 after it stopped working suddenly. I ran the system restore as normal, and it backed up to a point where I had previously saved it to. I thought that this would be fine, and carried on as usual after the OS opened up. However, the next time that I went to power on the laptop, I saw that it went straight into BIOS, and asked me what method I wanted to use in order to start up the OS. I chose Start Normally, but the computer then went into Loading Windows, and froze there. I had to reboot it again, and this time, I chose safe mode. I got into Windows this time, but on start up it again asked me to select a method of entering the OS. I chose Safe Mode with networking this time, but the screen froze again. I decided that I needed to do another system restore, and so I went through that whole process again. Just before it installs, it shuts down completely, and won’t automatically reboot so I cannot now get into system to access my data.