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What To Do When Your Macbook Pro Fails


I have a blue screen of death on my Macbook Pro laptop. I have an older version of the Mac, and I am not currently running a Windows program on it, but it seems to me that the error message is blue, rather than the standard white or grey. It might be a pale grey, I suppose, and the light from the room is making it seem blue. I have checked in Macbook Pro forums, and everyone seems to think that it is impossible for the Mac to get a BSOD, but it seems to be appearing on my system regardless of what anyone else thinks. I have a lot of important data on the Mac, and I need to recover as much of the hard drive as possible.


I have a Macbook Pro A1260, which is running a standard OSX operating system. However, I accidentally, while working on something else, deleted the system reference for the Macbook. I have not been able to open the system since, and I cannot find the OS on the menu. I need help really badly with this, because I was doing some business work on the laptop, and had not yet backed it up for the night. That means that all of the systems I have been using are not yet stored away from the hard drive which is in the laptop. At the moment, all I am getting is a grey screen, with the apple logo and the swirling cursor.