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Recovering Data from a Toshiba Laptop


I am trying to recover the hard drive of a Toshiba Satellite which won’t work anymore. I tried to connect it to my own laptop using a SATA cable and USB port, but the laptop apparently did not really recognise it. I could see the drive, but it was not given a drive name, and the system is appearing as RAW, which is not good. If I go into admin, I can see the memory of the drive and other data. I decided to run a data recovery program in order to try and get the drive open again, but it is taking literally days to read the drive. I can see some of the data, but it is taking centuries to read any of the files, and at this rate I might not be around long enough to save the data to a new drive.


I am trying to recover the hard drive from a Toshiba laptop. The drive itself is an hdd2190MK, and the rest of the number I cannot read. I replaced the headstack because the original was not working. However, when I have put it into an external enclosure for the system to read, the BIOS is showing it as visible, but it is not appearing in My Computer or Drive Manager at all. I have checked the disk, and the drive seems to be ok. I have also tried a repair scan, but just get multiple errors at the beginning, and then nothing. The hard drive has apparently failed SMART.