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The Best Way To Deal With Recovering Data From A Gateway Desktop PC


I need help with a Gateway desktop which has lost a lot of data from my Libraries folder. I have had no problem with the system until I was trying to remove some old data which I no longer needed. I went into the Libraries folder, and discovered that there were only about 6 folders containing files. There were a couple of empty folders, but I should have around 50 or 60 folders which all contain detailed information relating to my work. I have not been able to find the files which are usually displayed below the folders, and which, again, relate to my work. I need to be able to recover these folders when I do work for repeat clients, and I also need to be able to view the files so that I can work out exactly how much I have earned, and when. This data is essential for a business, and so I kept it in a special, separate file. This file, along with all of the other data, has vanished. I haven’t installed anything recently, and I haven’t lost the OS or any other programs.


I am trying to recover data from a Gateway LX6810 which keeps crashing. The problem specifically is that the computer will start shutting down after only a few minutes of use. The shut-down is so fast that I don’t have time to copy any of the data from my files and folders to a flash drive, or to attach it to email. I want to save this data but at the moment the computer will not let me. I have checked for virus problems, and also performed diagnostics in BIOS which did not solve the problem. I think that the next stage is to try and perform a recovery on the system, but this would involve me removing all of the data on the drive, which I can’t do at the moment.