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Data Recovery From Packard Bell PCs


I have a Packard Bell Ixtreme which was supplied with a Windows 7 OS. I recently made an mistake, shutting it down when it was rebooting. Since then, I have not been able to use the Windows 7 operating system. I don’t have a Windows 7 recovery CD, although I do have one which belongs to an XP computer. I tried to run this in order to get the recovery going, and something appears to have gone wrong. Although I can get back into the Windows 7 OS, I am not able to see any of the files or folders saved in the directories. I have a lot of data which had previously been saved to the system, and there doesn’t appear to be anything that I can do to get it back. I have been searching desperately to see if the computer has mistakenly placed it somewhere else, but there doesn’t seem to be any place where the files and folders could be located. I really need some expert data recovery help in finding this data, as I don’t want to lose it all.


I had to get a data recovery on my Packard Bell OneTwo desktop computer, as the system had been keylogged. I decided that I had to do a complete recovery on the system, and to restore it back to a point before the malware attack. I removed all of the data from the hard drive, placed it onto a USB port, and then hit the Restore. The recovery process seemed to work fine, and there were no Failure notices. I put all of the data back onto the hard drive, took the files off of my USB, and restarted the computer. This was when the problems started. I can’t get into the system any further than the Windows Logo. I can see the notice saying that it is starting Windows, and I get the Windows ‘flag’, but then nothing else happens. It won’t go back, and it won’t go forward, it just reboots straight to a black screen. I have tried several times to recover the Packard Bell, but I am not able to do this.