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RAID Array And Common Problems That Plague Them:

A RAID server can operate with up to eight hard drives at the same time. Each one is capable of sending, and receiving, and mirroring information sent to the others to keep an up-to-date record of the data being used by more than one person across a network. Of course RAID technology is becoming more affordable and as a result it is no longer just the SMEs or corporations who are turning to it to store their data. Home users are now using it to stream audio and video around their homes. Just as the ordinary PC or laptop hard drive develop faults so too do RAID drives. Among the problems that we see at birmingham data recovery, are RAID servers that suffer more than one drive fail at a time or a rebuild that has failed after a replacement drive has been added.

RAID Hard Drive Physical Disk Error Through Operator Error:

We are often asked to help customers who have had RAID servers that have suffered from physical disk errors as a result of something a user has done. This generally equates to a user on the network inadvertently deleting system files from the array that, for reasons that are not always clear, cannot be restored from the mirrored data on the array’s other drives. Generally the files on an array are mirrored from one drive to the next and so on depending on the number of drives in the setup. So there is usually a chance that the data is intact and can still be accessed from another drive. However sometimes due to a potential controller card failure certain files may not have been saved correctly or may have been corrupted during the save process. We at birmingham data recovery are on hand to help our RAID clients achieve the successful recovery of their data after the physical disk error has occurred.

RAID Rebuild Failure & Subsequent Write Hole:

One of the advantages of a RAID setup is the fact that it can be rebuilt after a drive or drives has been replaced. There are times however when a RAID rebuild appears to be successful until users attempt to access the data via the network. A rebuild may fail because of a faulty controller card or software controller that has been overlooked during the process of the rebuild. In addition to this there may be other drive issues that manifest after failed drives has been replaced and mirrored data is copied from drive to drive. We at birmingham data recovery are on hand not only to help recover the data from any drives that may fail during the rebuild process but we have helped many clients with the successful rebuild of their RAID setup. Ask us for details.

RAID Array & Third Party Firmware Problems:

Each drive within a RAID setup has its own firmware just as the hard drive in a desktop PC would. There are times we have been called upon to help our RAID clients recover data after the firmware in one or more drives has become corrupted or obsolete depending on the age of the RAID setup and the drives used in it. In addition to this problems can occur if the third party controller card being used develops a firmware issue. Some RAID setups using a third party controller card attached to a networked PC develop issues if the controller card has not been authenticated for use with the operating system..

Faulty RAID Controller and Solid State Drives:

A RAID controller card is designed to help a PC cope with the addition of more hard drives than would normally be the case. A motherboard already carries the ability to cope with a set number of hard drives, normally two or three maximum, and while this is satisfactory for most users those using a RAID array may need an additional controller card to ensure the motherboard can cope with upwards of eight drives. We have also had clients who have required our assistance with the recovery of data from solid state drives that have had difficulty communicating with controller cards that normally are intended to deal with IDE or SATA drives. Whatever the issue with your RAID device please contact us at birmingham data recovery and we will do our best to help with your queries as well as recovering your data.

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