Acer Laptop Recovery


I have an Acer Aspire V5 which keeps losing files that I have saved onto the computer, but suddenly gaining 99% memory. These problems usually happen together, and I often can recover the memory by turning the laptop on and off again, but the files seem to be disappearing. I usually have around 75% memory free, and this is increasing now the files are dropping out, but occasionally I will get this warning that the laptop is using almost 97% storage, and that I should add another storage device or delete unwanted files. I find that this problem often occurs while I am trying to pass documents from the laptop onto an external hard drive, and that after this warning appears, I am not able to pass files over to the external unit. The computer will then give the 99% warning, and I then have to close the laptop. I assume that the loss of files is related to this memory rating, perhaps the computer is deleting files in order to save memory? Whatever is happening, I need a data recovery expert to recover the data files that have been lost.


I have a 6-month-old Acer Ultrabook which is used as a secondary computer for my network. This worked fine at first, but this week an error message has appeared which says that the computer needs to be repaired. It advised me to use the recovery tools on the disk, and then shut the system down. I was concerned that I might lose the files and data which I have saved to the laptop, and so I inserted the boot disk. After running for a short period, the computer then said that the Boot Config Data was missing essential information. There seems to be no way to access the computer, but it has important data on that I need before I can do a full system restore. I tried to get the computer to open up to the point where I could extract the files through a USB flash drive, but it is only asking for the boot disk, and will not do anything else. The laptop contains data which has a lot of sentimental value.