Expert Advice Plainly Explained

When you have found yourself in the midst of a crisis because of the loss of data we won’t blind you with science. Contact us by email and telephone and one of our engineers will tell you in plain no-nonsense terms the nature of the reason for the failure and what we can do to help. They will also furnish you with a free no obligation quotation that will detail all the costs through the entire recovery process. There are no hidden charges and the price we quote is the price it will cost. If you want us to recover the data from your faulty hard drive or other device then we ask that you package it as securely as you can (trying to reduce the amount of movement that can occur inside as much as is possible) and send it to your nearest Data Recovery centre along with your full contact details. You will find a shipping form on our Contact Us page that will help. We accept your drives and other devices via Royal Mail registered or special delivery or by courier. Or if you are in the area yourself you can deliver it yourself and speak to an engineer.


Free of Charge Diagnosis And No Obligation Quote

When we have received the hard drive or other storage device our engineer will confirm their original diagnosis and contact you with the details. At this point there is still no obligation to you to avail of our services and if you decide not to then there is no harm done. If you are happy with the costings and our explanation of what has happened and what we can do then we will proceed to the next step which is to recover your data.


Data Recovery Procedure

Having given us the go ahead to undertake your data recovery our engineer will enter your device into the service chain. The process of recovering your data should take no longer than 2-3 days. When the data has been successful recovered it is stored on one of our secure servers and our engineer will once again contact you to discuss the recovery. At the same time you will receive an email that will have detailed directory listings and screenshots attached so you can be in no doubt that the data we have recovered is (a) yours and (b) correct.


Ensuring You Get Your Data Back

When you have told us that you are happy with the data recovery we have actioned for you there process is almost complete. All that is left to do now is to make full payment using a credit or debit card, cheque or bank transfer. When we have received payment we will make arrangements for the data to be backed up onto the medium of your choice and returned to you using the services of a next day courier. Note also that there are no additional charges for the use of credit or debit cards neither is there any additional charges for couriering your data back – this has already been accounted for in the quotation you had.

Why Choose Birmingham Data Recovery?

  • Fixed pricing on recovery (You know what you are paying - no nasty surprises).
  • Quick recovery turnaround at no extra cost. (Our average recovery time is 2 days).
  • Memory card chip reading services (1st in the UK to offer this service).
  • Raid recoding service (Specialist service for our business customers who have suffered a failed server rebuild).
  • Our offices are 100% UK based and we never outsource any recovery work.
  • Strict Non-disclosure privacy and security is 100% guaranteed.