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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from Windows PCs. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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PC Hard Drive Errors:

PC hard drives often have failings such as spindles and platters that fall out of alignment, along with actuator arms that break or twist, causing the drive to become unusable. We have encountered these and many other problems in our 15-year existence and can diagnose the problem for you. It is not always the case that we can repair the drive; indeed our primary concern is the safety and retrieval of your data. To this end if a drive is unrepairable we concentrate on the task of recovering your data with minimum loss.

PC Hard Drive Actuator & Read/Write Head Failure:

One of the most important components within a hard drive is the actuator arm. This device – thinner than a human hair – moves so fast that the human eye struggles to comprehend it when seen. Moving backwards and forwards around 50 times a second the purpose of the actuator arm is to allow the Read/Write heads to travel over the platters without touching them. Indeed so sensitive are these pieces of equipment in conjunction with each other than the tiniest molecule of dust would cause them to spiral from their allotted course and render the drive useless.

PC Hard Drive Ribbon Cable Disconnection:

There are occasions when the problem befalling your hard drive is the ribbon cable. Inside the computer the ribbon cable (a thick grey cable containing a series of wires along which information is passed from the hard drive to the motherboard). This cable can sometimes twist or become bent out of shape to the point where it dislocates itself from the drive or motherboard causing a lack of communication and an inability to access data. Even if the cable is replaced it may be the case that the damage has already been done to the drive if an electrical current of larger than normal proportions has travelled along it.

PC Third Party Firmware Issues:

Within every computer any device that is required to send or store a set of instructions on how to operate is fitted with firmware. This firmware is normally embedded on a chip or capacitor or in the case of a hard drive may be pre-written to the platters before the hard drive leaves the factory. Third party firmware programs can sometimes fail, become corrupt or be obsolete by the time they find their way into the possession of a user. Indeed many manufacturers do not produce firmware upgrades and those that do often do not guarantee success and issue disclaimers as to the potential loss of data as a result of a failed attempt at a firmware upgrade. To this end we are asked by many clients – new and old – to assist with the recovery of data from drives have failed are not responsive to potential firmware upgrades. We may be able to help with the firmware upgrade itself but at www.birmingham-data-recovery.co.uk our primary aim is to retrieve your data and back it up to a medium of your choosing.

PC Hard Drive & Operating System Problems:

If you have experienced the infamous ‘Blue Screen of Death’ suddenly and without any prior warning then you may well be in the throes of a potentially fatal hard drive failure. This blue screen that is often jam packed with error codes, paths, and file names often signifies that the operating system you are using is having difficulty functioning without specific files that are resident on the bad sectors of the disk. To this end the operating system will report a so-called ‘Logical Error’; the purpose of which is to inform you, the user, or a professional engineer that there is something causing the operating system and drive to conflict; usually an issue relating to the loss or inaccessibility of important system files or DLL (Dynamic Link Library) Files.

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