External Hard Drive Recovery

External Hard Drive Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from external hard drives. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
External Hard Drive Recovery

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Critical Service £795

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External Hard Disk Drives And Their Reasons To Fail:

An external hard drive can fail for a variety of different reasons just as their internal counterparts. But unlike internal hard drives external HDDs have the added strain of being transported back and forth between a host of locations that can cause problems if the drives are knocked or damaged along the way. In addition to their physical damage external hard drives can suffer from software failures if the firmware is not capable of being upgraded in line with new operating systems available on the market.

External Hard Drive Head, Platter & Axis Failings:

The makeup of an external hard drive mirrors that of an internal drive with the exception of the caddy and casing in which they are housed. The read/write head, platters and actuator arm all work together to allow for the saving and reading of information on the drive. However problems can occur when one or more of these components fail. One of the common requests we get here at birmingham data recovery is to recover data from an external HDD that has not longer been able to keep its platters or heads on their axis after the actuator arm has snapped.

External Hard Drive Logic Board Deactivation:

The logic board is the printed circuitry that is attached to the hard drive within the caddy of an external HDD. The purpose of this board is to provide information to the hard drive on how it operates and at what speeds it can spin to. This is similar to a motherboard but on a much smaller scale. The logic board, in some devices, may contain a chip onto which has been factory set the firmware that the HDD needs to function. We are often asked if we can repair drives or recover the data from drives whose logic boards have failed.

External Hard Drive Third Party Firmware Collapses:

The software program known as firmware has a very important and distinct purpose in relation to the other software inside a computer. Either built onto the PCB of the hard drive or written specifically onto the platters of the drive itself the nature of firmware is to ensure the smooth running of the hard drive and to make sure that it operates in a specific way. This firmware also contains information that the hard drive requires to tell the USB port that information can be sent and received that way. At birmingham data recovery we regularly deal with problems caused by faulty or malfunctioning firmware.

External Hard Drive Freezing, Seizing And Non-Recognition By Operating Systems:

Have you plugged an external hard drive into your computer or laptop only for the whole system to freeze? If you have then it might well be that there is a problem with your hard drive or the software governing its operation. Some operating systems freeze or reboot when presented with a piece of hardware they are unfamiliar with. And to this end some systems may continually restart if the addition of a peripheral device such as an external HDD by USB is flawed. Some setups however allow for the plugging in of the device without crashing the system but when the user tries to access the drive it does not show up. These are examples of problems and conflicts between operating systems and hard drives.

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