Dell Poweredge Data Recovery


I have a 5 RAID array, used with an Intel server, and both connected to a Dell PC. There are a total of 6 Seagate drives in the array, with 2 of these drives set up as the Hot Spares, and the other four drives configured into the RAID 5 formation. I use this array to store information for the family, including music and videos which cannot be replaced I started having problems last week, when the server froze and had to be forcibly rebooted. Since that reboot, the server will not respond, and I cannot view the array, except when the server demands that I rebuild the array. The hot spares are completely missing, and the computer thinks that one of the other drives has failed, although it keeps reporting different drives as the failed one. I have replaced the failing drive several times, but still get the same response. I have closed down the Dell server and rebooted it more than once, and now two of the newly installed drives are displayed as ‘ready’, and the other drives are labelled as offline.


I have been using a small 3-drive array set up in a Dell RAID 5 configuration for a year or so. Everything was fine until I installed Windows 8 on the computer. Previously, I had been able to view the array in My Computer, which recorded it as a single drive with about 2TB of storage space. At the same time as updating the Windows OS, I also decided to add a new internal hard drive. I added the new drive, and rebooted the system with a USB stick. When it came to selecting the drive to install the OS on, I made sure to select the new hard drive, but when I rebooted after installation, the RAID 5 array drives seem to have moved off of the server. I have a lot of data on the drives which I intended to install on the Windows 8 programs, and so I have been careful not to write anything on the drives. However, I am not able to read any of the data off the drives, as they are labelled as Unallocated.