Case Study 1: Apple iMac Repartition That Has Gone Wrong

Client decided to repartition his hard drive so that he could free up more space on his D Drive (data partition) by taking some space from the C Drive (operating system). Client used partition magic to change partition sizes, it completed without any problems and reported it was a success. When client started the iMac he got the message ‘Unmounting disks’. This message stayed on the monitor for about 2 hours and client decided to reboot iMac. When client rebooted the iMac he is now getting question mark icon.

We diagnosed that there was read/write issues with the hard drive. We recommended a read/write head swap on the hard drive. We completed a read/write head swap and imaged all sectors on hard drive. We backed up data to data dvd and sent back to client within 72 hours.

* If you are getting a question mark when you boot up your Mac it means the hard drive is not getting recognised, we have 15 years experience of working with failed Mac hard drives.