Case Study 3: Nine Failed Rebuilds on a IBM X346 Server

Client had an IBM X346 Server which had 6 x 73GB SCSI hard drives. One of the hard drives failed and systen would not boot up. The client booted server using the diagnostic cd software and said that system was fine. Client tried to rebuild the system with a new hard disk that was same model and same capacity as new drive. The rebuild seemed to work but when system completed the rebuild process it would not boot up. Client run the rebuild process again and again and again. Our client run the rebuild for 9 times before giving up and eventually contacted us.

We received in the 6 original scsi hard drives & one replacement scsi drive and imaged all good drives. We diagnosed the failed scsi drive had a read/write head failure. We completed a read/write head swap on the scsi hard drive and imaged all sectors on disk. We recompiled and recoded the data on the disks to recover 90% of the data.

* We are the only UK data recovery company that has coding data recovery engineers that specialise in recoding rebuilt data.