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Camera Data Recovery


I have recently purchased a Sandisk 16GB camera memory card which I am using with a Finepix camera. The first time that I used the card, I took quite a lot of photographs. These pictures are available on the camera, but when I tried to download them, the computer said that the card is protected. I accessed the properties of the card through the computer, and made sure that it is fully readable, but I am not able to extract the pictures. I tried to use a card reader, hoping that it might be a problem with the camera connection, but it did not even try to read the card before a message appeared on the computer saying that the reader was not able to view the card, and suggesting that I format it. I tried to open up the card again in the Computer, to see if any files were available, but the card reader would not even allow me to do this. I then put it back in the camera, and I am getting the same message. I want the photographs which are on the card.


Shortly before I went on holiday, I borrowed a working card from my daughter. This was a relatively new card, only a few months old, and she had been using it with no problems. I started to take photographs and did not experience any problems, but when I tried to download the pictures onto my laptop, I received an error message, saying that the card was ‘locked’. I did not think this was the case, as I had been able to take pictures, but the computer was adamant that the device was locked. I waited until I got home, and then put the card into a card reader. This was attached to my desktop, a completely different computer, but the message was still the same, that the card was not useable and that the information could not be extracted. I have a number of pictures on the card which are not replaceable.