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Questions Regarding Hard Drive Recovery

Help me please. I came across your site and saw that there were people asking for your help with external drives. I bought one online and it was going well until recently. The model is a Transcend 2.5 inch 1TB external drive that is supposed to be shock resistant to a military standard. That said I was moving my home office around and it fell off the top of my laptop as I was carrying them together. I thought it would have survived the shock but since then the drive has been hit and missy when it comes to recognizing it on various computers. The first problem I encountered was that it asked me to open the software that came with the drive every time I wanted to access it and when I did it reported that the drive was empty. When I checked through Windows My Computer it would show the drive was there and how much space was available to use. Now it simply won’t allow anything to recognize it at all regardless of disk operating system or whether I use its own software. I’ve been left with an external hard drive containing gigabytes of files that I need to get at – is there anything that can be done?

I’ve been using a D-Link Sharecenter Pulse network storage device that allows me to have two SATA drives in it, which I do. I have been using it primarily for downloading from the Internet because of the BitTorrent client it has that allows me to do so without a computer. All has been fine until I tried to use the UPnP media server application that allows you to stream movies from a central location to other computers and devices in the house. I have it set up as a RAID 1 configuration that was allowing me to backup but now it has just stopped. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It was working well but as soon as I went for the media server operation all hell broke loose. I’ve updated the firmware and everything but now all that happens is that the media PC I am using will see it but wont access it and neither will any of the other devices I have attached. Is there anything I can do get the information and movies off the drives before losing them. There seems to be a problem on the drives now that has been caused by the Sharecenter itself and although the drives are visible they are not accessible and I have been told there is no guarantee they will be accessible if they’re taken out of the Sharecenter and put into another setup. My last experience before I was unable to access anything was the PC telling me the files on the drives were corrupted and the help files suggested defragmenting them which I decided against as I’m not sure what exactly that is.