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Recovering Data from a Laptop


I have an IBM laptop which seems to be having some problems with the hard drive. I recently decided to alter my laptop’s configuration, from a FAT32 to NTFS, including 3 partitions. However, there was a problem with this change, as the progress bar to the change stopped suddenly at around 35%, and then the process just froze. I waited for a full hour before I tried to do anything, but could not get the system working again. I have restarted the laptop several times, and what happens is that the system says that the hard drive in the laptop does not exist. Data recovery is important, as I have been using the laptop as my main source of income for some time. Since I cannot get access to the hard drive, I now have a major issue.


I have a Lenovo 3000 which I need help with. The basic problem is that I accidentally formatted the recovery partition while I was doing some work with the computer. I have also accidentally erased some data which I needed, and am now not able to restore to because I have lost the recovery partition, which also serves as the restore point location. I have tried to re-install the one-key recovery system, but there is no response, and I am worried about installing anything else in case there is a problem and I lose the rest of the data. I am a bit nervous about interfering with the laptop, as I am not very computer savvy.