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Mac Recovery


I have an early 2013 Macbook Air computer which I use in order to play games and do some data entry work. I have a number of games on there, plus a range of data documents and graphics. I have noticed that while the games are running, the computer gets very hot and the fan starts spinning very quickly. This happened recently, and I decided to shut down the computer and try again. When I put the Macbook back on, I wanted to boot up the same game I was playing before, and so went to my files. I could not find the game I wanted to play, and as I searched further, found that all of the game folders were empty. The document folders were also almost completely empty. I tried to get Apple Tech to help, but they only want me to send the laptop to them. I don’t want to do that without getting back the documents and the games folders that I have lost.


I have been using a Samsung hard drive in an external enclosure which connects to my Macbook Air. This should work fine, but last week I have discovered that the hard drive is not being recognised by the computer. It seems to have stopped working, and while the drive is recognised by a Dell PC, the latter computer is not able to read any of the Mac files, obviously. When I put it into the Macbook, it is not showing up at all in Disk Utilities. It is reporting that the drive is not mounting into the enclosure, although this is not a problem for the Dell. I can’t seem to extract the data from the drive in the Mac, which is where it needs to be read. I don’t know what else I can do to recover the data, but I do need the documents, pictures and music from the hard drive.