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Recover Lost Files with Computer Data Recovery


I have been having trouble with the operating system of my computer, including losing access to both USB and Bluetooth connections. This left me unable to save the data onto a separate drive before I did a repair, and I knew that I had to be as careful as possible before I accepted any changes. I uploaded a new driver in the hopes that this would be the solution, but it did not work, and I had to go to Microsoft and choose the ‘fix it for you’ option. I thought this was my best chance of saving my data. I had to do a reboot, but didn’t close the computer immediately. I didn’t think this would be a problem until I opened the computer the next day. Suddenly, it seems like every previous file has vanished from the operating system. I can see the documents folder, which should contain at least 100 files, but which has absolutely none. I can see in the drivers file that there is a new driver, but surely this can’t have overwritten all of my data?


I have been self-building a computer for some time now, and have completed the most important part of the set-ups. However, I am a bit stuck after one of the installations has gone wrong. I put in the start up system, and put all the hardware together, and then wanted to run an OS. I did this from an old hard drive that had the operating system, plus a lot of other data, saved on it from a previous computer. I wanted to put all of this data onto the new system, so transferred it across. After I had done this, and before I got any further into the build, I wanted to install some new gaming software. I loaded this up, pressed ‘install’, and went through the phases. The computer installed it and did a reboot, but froze before it was finished. When I tried to reboot the computer, I got a message saying that it could not find the hard drive. I ran the start up again a couple of times, but the computer won’t start up. I tried to recover the programs by rebooting from the external hard drive, but the computer thinks that there is nothing on the disk. I really want to save my data.