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RAID Server Repair


I have been using a server with a RAID array which has had 8 disks connected to it. This array is used by a number of people within the household, and contains a lot of data. At the moment, I can only see a small part of this data, maybe an eighth. There are at least 6 drives which have had data written onto them, and there is also one drive which is held as a parity drive. The main user of the array thinks that the configuration was a RAID 5, but I don’t think that this is true, and think that it might be a RAID 4 or RAID0 configuration. There is no stripe pattern when I run tests on the system, and there are also a load of missing record numbers. I have not been able to recover the data which should be on the drives, and I have now tried several data recovery methods.


I am having a problem with my HP server RAID array which is not responding after a power surge. There was a power spike which went into at least two of the hard drives in the server array, I conclude by the fact that they have failed. I have managed to revive one of these lost drives, but the system seems to be having a lot of difficulty taking it back into the array. I have tried to run a data recovery system to extract the data from the drive before I run a new configuration, but I am having to guess at the exact setup of the RAID array.