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RAID 1 Failures and Data Recovery


I am using a Dell server which has a RAID 1 array connected to it. I have four drives, and set these up to mirror each other on the motherboard, in order to protect the internal hard drive which is getting quite old now. I have not made any recent changes to these drives, apart from the usual saving of data on them, but when I restarted the computer this morning, I saw that the RAID array was no longer connected to the server. I was a little puzzled by this, and so I went into BIOS after restarting the system, and saw that the usual connection between the server and the computer now appears to be named as a SATA port. I decided to change this back to the server in BIOS, without checking what it would mean. Now the server and the array will not boot into my PC. I can’t get the OS, which runs from my RAID, to boot up, and so I am stuck on a BIOS screen. I have a lot of data on those disks, and I would like to be able to recover them before anything else happens to system.


I have been using a Dell PowerEdge with Raid 1 array which has two hard drives. These have been working fine, and I save data to them on a regular basis. The problems began at start up this morning, when the start assistant suddenly appeared with an error which said that the Raid installation was bad, and that ‘the partition is not NTFS’. I have used the drives before in the past with no problem, so I thought they should both be NTFS. This seems to be an error in the path that the computer is using to access the server, but because of this problem, I had to turn off the data backup system, so that nothing would be written onto the disks while they are still in the array. I know that something has gone wrong, and I am not sure what to do next for the best. I do want to recover the data which is on the drives; in fact I would put that data at a premium.