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Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

Verbatim Flash Drive 16GB
I have a problem with retrieving files on my Verbatim stick drive. It’s a 16GB “Store N Stay” which means it’s the smallest version of a flash drive that Verbatim has, I believe. I don’t know if the size has anything to do with its unreliability but that’s what I’ve encountered with this so far. I have had no problems using it and I routinely safely disconnect the device before shutting my laptop down. However, the last few times, I’ve been lazy and I’ve kept it on there and have moved my laptop with it attached a couple of times. With the size, I knew that it wouldn’t be a bother and it wouldn’t get damaged or dislodged. It was when I started using it again to transfer files that it started freezing up and aborting on my file transfers. I don’t know what’s wrong but I need a professional usb stick data recovery company to get my files back.

Sony Flash Drive 8GB
I have a USB stick and have been having a problem trying to get all my files back. I used it as a backup for my work files while my friend reformatted my computer. However, when I was trying to get my files back on my computer, I had no luck at all. I tried to go use another computer because mine might have gone through something while it was being reformatted but to no avail. It sort of heats up immediately as soon as I stick it in. After what seems like just a minute or two, it gets really hot and then dies immediately. Just like that, poof. And then I have to pull it out (by this time it had already ejected itself out) and then when I try to push it back in again, it gets detected but nothing happens beyond that. I’m worried that I won’t be able to get my files.