Walsall Data Recovery

Data Recovery Walsall: When it comes to the recovery of data from a variety of storage devices such as hard drives, external hard disk drives, RAID arrays, mass storage devices, and network assisted storage (NAS), our data recovery engineers are in a position to offer you the best and most reliable recovery service in and around the Walsall and West Midlands area. For over a decade and a half we have been recovering data from the failed devices of many different types of user and have done so successfully and efficiently. For more information and a no obligation quote call us today on 0121 6614461.

Technology has moved from being the all encompassing mainframe that took up a whole room to the small, compact desktop PC and all-in-one (various Windows-based PCs and Macs). As the size of the computer hardware itself decreased so too did the physical size of the hard drives within them, reaching as they do the small and compact sizes they have reached today. Hard drives with volumes of many terabytes are now the size of credit cards and can be stored in 2.5 inch bays inside your computer and our data recovery Walsall team are often called upon to help recover data from them when they fail.

It is important though to qualify that just because these drives are small this is not necessarily the reason for their failure. In the majority of cases these drives fail because of problems with moving components within their design (unless they are solid state drives that contain no moving parts), issues with firmware and/or problems with software compatibility. Our data recovery Walsall engineers recover data from a whole host of drives and storage devices that have failed because of the aforementioned.

For over 15 years now our team of hard drive recovery experts have been reuniting customers just like you with the data they need to keep their business, university degree or hobby going. And with a whole host of unique and bespoke recovery techniques to fall back on as well as the most up-to-date recovery technology, they do so with the highest rate of success you will find in and around the data recovery Walsall and West Midlands area.

How can a solid state drive fail if the parts don’t move?

With the advent of solid state technology within hard drives and other storage media our data recovery Walsall engineers have discovered (as have our clients) a whole new set of ways in which they can fail. From issues with the capacitors and chips within their setup to problems with faulty or corrupted firmware, solid state drives although immune from the problems that befall drives with moving components, have their own issues for us to deal with.

If you have a solid state drive or storage device using solid state technology (USB memory stick, memory card) and have lost access to your valuable data then call us on 0121 6614461. Our data recovery Walsall team are here to help provide you with an initial diagnosis of the problem along with a no obligation quote detailing how much and how long it will take to recover your information (this data may include an additional charge if there has been mechanical damage to the drive). If you are happy with the information provided then our team ask that you send the drive to them here at our data recovery centre so that we can produce an image of the drive to work from. You can do this via the postal service (we recommend registering or recording your package for your own peace of mind as we cannot be held responsible for the loss of a storage device in transit to us), courier or in person if you are near to us.

Having received the affected storage device our data recovery Walsall team will make a final diagnosis of the problem and email our findings to you along with a detailed list of all the files and folders to be recovered (if the data to be recovered is larger than 30GBs we require you to purchase an external storage device from our stocks) and if you are happy for us to continue we ask that you make payment to us by credit/debit card or BACS transfer. Upon receipt of full payment we will recover your data to its new media and return it to you via next day courier. For more information call our team today on 0121 6614461; our data recovery Walsall centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm as are our telephone lines.